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Welcome to Cambridge Clinical Trials

A Local Portal for Paid Medical Trials.

CCT recruits exclusively for the best Cambridge clinic only to insure volunteer comfort and satisfaction.

Volunteers are urgently needed to take part in paid medical trials, paid medical research recruiting from the East Anglia Area Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Ipswich (Suffolk), Luton (Bedford, Bedfordshire), St Albans (Hertford, Hertfordshire), Norfolk, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Northampton, Northamptonshire areas.

Open up a world of opportunity by helping with the development of new and existing treatments

Choose from a wide choice of clinical trials and paid medical research studies available in the Cambridge and surounding Districts from healthy volunteer medical studies to patient populations such as Asthma trials & Diabetes Trials.

We also specilise in providing specific recruitment for seniors over 60s trials to Post Menopausal females and Surgically Sterilised Females who are great demand.

Whether you are 18-85 years of age CCT has the only the best available Clinical studies on the internet and is associated with the UK’s Only effective streamlined rapid recruitment web site to provide the quickest and easiest formula to help you find paid research with only the very best hand picked clinics.
We also supply lists of potential volunteers to other clinics

We also provide lists of specific populations such as non smokers for non smoking medical trials, post menopausal Medical Trials, Seniors & Over 60’s Medical trials through the BioTrax Central Volunteer Database. These are for other clinics not selected to use our rapid trials recruitment systems.

Study, work on a project or just relax, watch TV / videos while you take part.
Participating as paid volunteer in Medical research studies can be an excellent way to help to pay educational costs, supplement your income while working, or fund your travels while spending time in foreign countries.

Clinical trials are strictly regulated and all ethically approved to ensure volunteers greater protection. All medications tested go through very extensive pre clinical trials . This can take many years at a cost of millions before a new medication is considered safe for testing on people.

Do I qualify to take part in clinical trials and paid medical research studies?

If you are aged 18-85 (of either sex) and in good health you are likely to be eligible to take part in clinical trials, but you will need to take our Instant test at the top of the page first

You should always be well informed of the significance and conditions of each study. clinical and medical trials can last anything from 1 day to month.

Want to learn more?

CCTS association with The BioTrax Study Site makes CCT the most comprehensive & professional user friendly service for clinical trials volunteers in Cambridge. Biotrax provides comprehensive information about each study and takes all the hard work out of finding the right studies with times and dates to suit.

You can participate in Clinical Trials, Paid Medical trials or something completely non invasive such as Mystery Shopping, Focus Groups, Film and TV Extras work which are rewarding and loads of fun.

For regular volunteers these opportunities we present are to help you during the waiting periods between medical research activities. The perfect solution to every bodies need and wants and you do not need experience for any of these activities . Great for students, mums, dads or anyone at all who wants to make a little bit extra in your spare time. Click on the boxes above for lots of interesting an helpful information to get you started.

More to volunteering

There are also other research activities of a non medical nature that you can participate in all year round. There is no shortage of opportunities in paid research and volunteers are in great demand! You can help to supplement your income whilst staying, pay educational costs, fund your travels, or pay for your next holiday! Most clinic facilities provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can read, play pool/board games, surf the internet, study, work on a project, relax, or watch TV and videos. By taking our eligibility test and following a few very quick steps you can learn about the enormous benefits!