Examples of Clinical Trials

Examples of Clinical Trials

Examples of Clinical Trials and Paid Medical Research Studies Available in the Cambridge Area:

Clinical Trials

Wanted Type Details
Males and Females 18+
Clinical Trials
Studies for males and females throughout the year, females can be on or off the pill for participation.
Post Menopausal and surgically sterilised females Medical Trials Type of Study : Healthy post-menopausal females (not taking HRT), hysterectomised or surgically sterile females needed for a research study.

Inclusion Criteria : Healthy Post Menopausal Females Surgically Sterilised Females Females who have had hysterectomy Aged 18 to 65 yrs.

Exclusion Criteria : MUST NOT BE ON HRT

Non Smokers and Light Smokers Medical research Smokers and Non Smokers can contribute in Cambridge for studies throughout the year
Couples Required for Condom Research Compare performance of two types of condom

Aim of Study : This is a study to compare the performance of two types of condom. Condoms play an important role in preventing the transmission of certain sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Inclusion Criteria : We are looking for heterosexual couples. In a stable monogamous relationship for at least 6 months. Aged between 18-55 Currently using condoms as sole means of contraception. Exclusion Criteria : No current ST Is No latex allergy Women should not have suffered from any serious complications in pregnancy and or birth.

Area : England/East Anglia Cambridge

Duration : 1 year

Reimbursement : Couples will be paid for using the condoms and filling in questionnaires.

Other Info : We are looking for volunteers (couples only please) to use two kinds of condoms and to fill in brief questionnaires. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire requesting personal details before commencing the study. You will then be asked to use two sets of five condoms in place of your normal condoms, completing a short questionnaire after each use. The condoms have to be used in the specified sequence. On completion of the study you will be asked to complete a final questionnaire and return the questionnaires and any unused condoms to the study centre. The project has received ethical approval from the Psychology Research Ethics Committee of the University of Cambridge.

Males and Females aged 18- 45, must be right handed Cognitive Studies Cognitive Studies – Males and Females Aged 18 and Above Cambridge

Type of Study : Brain Imaging Studies usually involve either a PET Scan or MRI Scan. The MRI scan does NOT use any radiation, instead the MRI scanner uses magnetic fields to takes pictures of your body. The MRI will take images of your
brain that show what areas are working when you think. For these studies, you lie inside the MRI scanner and are asked to perform mental tasks, while the scanner take pictures of your brain at work. You may be strapped down to prevent you from moving during the scan. During the scan the machine makes a loud knocking sound, but you will not feel anything.
Because of the magnetic field used by the MRI scanner, you will be required to remove all metal objects from your body, including jewellery. You will not be able to participate if you have metal implants or extensive dental work.

Inclusion Criteria : MALES AND FEMALES 18 -45

Must be Right Handed
Must not have had any major past illnesses.
Must not have a history of depression, anxiety, or mental illness.
Must have no family history of mental illnesses.
Must have no metal implants such as braces or pins.
Must not have a history of substance abuse.
Must have not had serious injury or bumps to the head.
Must not suffer from claustrophobia, and be able to maintain a stationary position lying down for a period of up to an hour, which is usually an average time for pet scans .
Must be able to read & write English, and have telephone/ or e-mail.

Exclusion Criteria : Most Brain Scan machines can carry weight up to about 20 stone, but researchers may not accept volunteers over 16 stone . This could vary depending on the study


Duration : Up to 1-2 hour sessions. Particularly people who can attend between 9am and 6pm.

Reimbursement : In all cases, you will be generously rewarded for your time (ordinarily £5 per hour or £10 per hour for brain imaging studies) and will receive a contribution to your travel expenses.

Healthy males and females aged 18- 60. Nutrition Research Unit Cambridge


Inclusion Criteria : Healthy males and females aged 18- 60. Living within a 20 mile radius of Cambridge. Most studies will involve blood samples being taken.

Area : Recruits within a 20 mile radius of Cambridge ONLY

Duration : The duration of our studies is variable. Some studies last just one day, others involve dietary changes over several weeks or months. Most require attendance at our volunteer facility in Cambridge for tests.

Reimbursement : Travel expenses and an honorarium for all studies up to £100 depending on the type of study


You should always be well informed of the significance and conditions of each study. Cambridge Clinical Trials provides a wide range of research activities from non invasive psychological research (£6.50 an hour plus) to more involved clinical and medical trials which can last anything from 1 day to month. In Cambridge, Healthy volunteer trials usually reimburse about £100 a day for your time and inconvenience.

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